• Zoom Carwash is Brisbane’s greenest!

    Zoom is a ‘Green Choice’ carwash using only eco friendly detergents and polishes.

    Over 90% of water used at Zoom Carwash is recycled and we have a massive 200,000 litres of underground water storage on site combining reclaimed water and rainwater runoff. At Zoom, we make sure we don’t waste a drop. Want your car to sparkle without damaging the environment? Zoom Carwash is the answer!

    We make absolutely sure that no toxic sludge is washed into our waterways to pollute local native wildlife. It makes you wonder what happens to the runoff from your car when washing at home doesn’t it. You may be surprised by the damage home washing can do to the environment, not to mention your car. Click here to learn about Zoom’s WashSmart campaign and how you can do your bit to help save Moreton Bay.

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  • Proud to be green!

    Zoom Carwash is the first carwash in Brisbane to achieve a 5-star rating under the Australian Car Wash Water Saver Rating Scheme – the highest possible rating nationally. This means only 70 litres or less is used to wash a car in our Self Serve Bays and 70 litres or less in the auto wash.


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