• WashSmart with Zoom!

    We kicked off our WashSmart campaign in 2010 to raise awareness of the detrimental effects home car washing is having on Moreton Bay.

    Many people don’t realise but water runoff from home car washing causes serious environmental damage to Moreton Bay’s water quality and its wildlife. Alarmingly, experts predict that much of the bay will be severely damaged and potentially ruined by 2026 if we don’t take action!

    Home car washing contributes about 400 Olympic sized swimming pools of sludge into Moreton Bay, every year. When you consider that there are over 975,000 cars on Brisbane’s roads alone, with more coming every day into South East Queensland, the amount of pollutants entering our waterways is now very concerning.

    What’s going into the bay?

    People believe that using biodegradable detergents prevent stormwater pollution but unfortunately this is only a small part of the problem. Toxin build up on a vehicle from driving is washed off during the cleaning process and directly enters our stormwater systems.

    Toxic waste from oil, tar, brake dust and other contaminants contain harmful chemicals that are washed directly into stormwater drains and end up in our waterways and Moreton Bay during home washing. Serious pollutants include petroleum hydrocarbons, motor oil, solid sediments, nitrogen and phosphorous, heavy metals including copper, lead and zinc and all are entering the bay at an increasingly alarming rate.

    What happens to marine life?

    These toxic chemicals dramatically disrupt fish growth, cause deformities, impact food chains and cause water degradation reducing egg hatching success. The pollution is also a massive threat to the local dugong population which may be severely compromised or even locally extinct by 2026.

  • Zoom Carwash Director Lance Woodrow demonstrates the toxic sludge caused from home car washing


    What can I do?

    Zoom Carwash is Brisbane’s greenest carwash and is passionate about WashSmart and saving Moreton Bay. By washing with Zoom you can be sure that zero toxic runoff is entering our waterways and that Zoom is adhering to the strictest of environmental standards.

    Keep checking out our blog as we update our progress on the campaign and new ways that you can help to raise awareness and help protect our precious bay. Feel free to get in touch with us if you would like to know more.

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