• Our state of the art super clean super fast soft cloth auto wash system is the latest and safest technology available for car washing today.

    Overseas and in southern states this method is very popular and in some places, the only legal way to wash your vehicle due to the damage home washing can do to the environment, not to mention your car’s paint!

    Hard to believe?
    Read what the Australian Carwash Association has to say about home car washing’s effect on the environment.

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  • It ain’t green and it ain’t clean!

    You may be shocked to learn that every year huge volumes of pollutants are washed into Australia’s streams, rivers, estuaries and waterways as a result of home car washing.

    Unfortunately, these pollutants include some serious toxins such as petroleum hydrocarbon waste from gasoline, diesel and motor oil, dissolved copper, lead, zinc, phosphorous, surfactants and solid sediment.

    Sadly, each pollutant has a dramatic impact on local flora and fauna including fish growth and food chains, it also causes water degradation and reduces egg hatching success. Not good!

    Zoom however truly cares about this and so gives you an environmentally safer, and cleaner alternative way to keep your car clean. By washing your car at Zoom Carwash you can be sure that all contaminants are collected on site and professionally processed minimising the impact on the environment and conserving it for future generations. A better way to go!


  • Impact on your vehicle

    Sorry to say, but the bad news about home washing doesn’t end there either. Not only does washing your car at home damage the environment but it can also cause scratches to as deep as one tenth of your cars paint!

    This happens because small particles lodge themselves firmly in the fine pores of sponges and wash mitts and cannot be removed, even through deep rinsing. The resulting particles work on your car’s paint surface like sanding discs.

    Once again, Zoom has the answer. Studies have shown that Zoom’s modern super clean, super fast soft cloth auto wash technology is the safest way to wash your vehicle.

    Its soft non-porous material won’t retain harmful dirt particles or scratch your paint, we guarantee it!

    Want to know more?
    Read some university research

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