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Uncategorized Archives - Zoom Carwash and Car Detailing Brisbane

  • Why Inner Health is Important for Your Car Too

    car aircon

    We’ve all become much more conscious of personal hygiene over the last few weeks, to try to protect ourselves from infection from the COVID-19 virus. As you wash your hands and clean your home it’s a good time to also think about a little-known source of germs and potential illness in your life – your […]

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  • What’s Lurking on Your Steering Wheel?

    steering wheel

    We’ve got to talk about steering wheels. A study by US researchers has found that steering wheels are 4 times dirtier than toilet seats! The study found that steering wheels have on average 629 colony-forming units (CFU) of bacteria per square centimetre. This compares with 100 CFU for cell phone screens, 313 CFU for public […]

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  • Tip of the Week – Russell Johnston


    “Sunscreen is good for your skin but not good for your car! Sunscreen transfer from your hands can leave marks on your paintwork that will require more than a wash to remove. Speak to our team today for a quote to polish off those hand prints!” RUSSELL JOHNSTON TEAM LEADER ALDERLEY/CHERMSIDE

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  • The Top 10 Selling Cars in Australia – How We’ve Changed

    2012 Toyota Corolla Levin SX

    Ever wondered what the most popular cars in Australia are? A big story of the last decade has been that of the steady rise of Toyota. It seems car buyers today are after small, fuel efficient vehicles offered by them and other manufacturers such as Mazda. Based on figures from drive.com.au, from January to June […]

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  • History of The Car Wash

    Clean Up

    It can’t have been long after the first cars rolled off the production line that some bright spark had the idea to make a buck of washing them. Things kicked off around 1914. They were a back breaking time in car wash history, where cars were manually pushed through a washing procedure by teams of […]

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  • All The Dog Washing Facilities You Need


    At Zoom, we offer custom built dog washing facilities to give your pooch a quick and thorough clean. You’ll find Fido’s hypo-allergenic shampoos, conditioners and flea treatments along with warm water and blow drying equipment. We also warm the air in winter and cool it in summer to make sure your pet is as comfortable […]

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